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Raising warm-season vegetable plants

At Hollandplant, we are specialised in cultivating warm-season vegetable plants, such as peppers, tomato, cucumber, aubergine and courgette. Fruiting vegetables are the most widely consumed vegetables worldwide with tomato being number one. The Netherlands is a global leader in the trade of vegetable plants. Hollandplant is an important link in the chain as a growing partner. 

 From our nurseries in the Dutch town of Bergschenhoek and its surroundings, we raise young vegetable plants for professional greenhouse horticulture. Our vision on the use of water, energy and plant protection products sets us apart. We can deliver throughout Europe.

What can we offer you?

Your own dedicated section

We raise your plants under perfect conditions, in their own separate section. This is how we deliver tailor-made crops.

CO2 neutral

You will get a CO2 neutral plant. Because we use our own geothermal energy source to supply our greenhouses.

Personal contact

To achieve the right plant type, we are happy to work closely together with you. Before, during and after the cultivation process.

Top quality

You will get a top-quality starting crop. Young plants that give you a headstart when you grow them on and start harvesting.

Our unique approach

Each grower has their own ideas about the perfect vegetable plants

Together, we define a specific growth strategy for your young vegetable plants. We ensure the best growing conditions in their own separate section after that. From start to delivery. So you will get a top crop. The quality of your starting material determines your yield. With the starting crops of Hollandplant, you already gained a headstart.

Gaining a headstart

Flexibility and delivery speed

The Hollandplant Nurseries are designed in such a way that both large and small batches of plants can be raised and delivered flexibly.

We not only set the plant variety or the sowing and delivery date, but also the type of pots, the number of plants per square metre and the growing strategy.

The delivery speed will be adjusted according to your plant capacity. When we register your orders, your requirements are addressed and recorded in detail.

Our cultivation process department then ensures proper implementation. So you will get the best starting materials for the final part of the cultivation process.

Impression of vegetable plants at Hollandplant

Hollandplant specialists

“We love to help you create the perfect young vegetable plants that will give you a headstart for your cultivation.”

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