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Cultivating your young tomato plants

Hollandplant is specialised in the propagation and cultivation of young tomato plants. Each tomato grower is given a dedicated section for their plants. With a sophisticated growth strategy, in which you are closely involved as a customer.

It's up to you

We work according to your requirements.

Are you looking for generative plants or vegetative plants?
Spring cultivation and/or autumn cultivation? Stone wool or perlite pots?

Our knowledge and skill, combined with your input,
results in young tomato plants ready for quick production.

Grafting techniques

At Hollandplant, we apply several grafting techniques, such as grafting on and under the lobe.
The interest in grafted plants has grown significantly in the past years

First, the purpose of grafting was to achieve stronger varieties with more resistance and/or more vigour. Now, we see that the assortment of grafted plants continues to increase. Whether you choose for tomato plants that are just grafted, or topped and grafted, we grow each plant to the size you want.


Tomato variety

Whatever tomato variety you choose. Our expert cultivation team will raise your starting crop to your perfect plant structure. With a uniform growth habit. That is our guarantee.

Cultivationn strategy

We tailor the control of your young tomato plants in cultivation compartments at variety level. With their own lighting hours, temperature regime and irrigation.

Grafted or topped

Whether you choose for grafted, or grafted and topped tomato plants. Our modern growing conditions and a strict hygiene protocol ensure a healthy start of your tomato cultivation.

Pot size and pot type

There is a lot of choice in types of growing blocks. Both in size and type. We are happy to advise you which type of pot is best suited to your desired tomato plants.

Impression of tomato plants at Hollandplant

Hollandplant specialists

“We love to help you create the perfect young vegetable plants that will give you a headstart for your cultivation.”

Rob, Tibo & Alex, Hollandplant

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