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Cultivating your young pepper plants

The cultivation team at Hollandplant is specialised in the propagation and cultivation of young pepper plants. Our pepper plants have a highly developed rooting system, which is encouraged by an active method of forcing and controlled irrigation. The plants are relatively short-linked. Your input, our expertise and our modern cultivation facilities ensure you have young pepper plants of top quality.

It's up to you

We work according to your requirements

  • What variety do you choose?
  • What plant structure?
  • What type of cultivation block?


Our knowledge and skill, combined with your input
results in young pepper plants quickly ready for production.


Hygiene rules for pepper plants

We use a strict hygiene protocol during the cultivation process. Cultivation, staff, trays and trucks all meet our strict standards. In this way, we minimise the use of plant protection products.
Young pepper plants with a headstart.

We tailor the control of your young pepper plants in cultivation compartments at variety level. With their own illumination hours, temperature regime and irrigation strategy. We make sure each pepper plant gains an optimal start. That offers you a headstart when growing on and harvesting.


Pepper variety

Whatever pepper variety you choose. Our expert cultivation team will raise your starting crop to your perfect plant structure. With a uniform growth habit. That is our guarantee.

Cultivation strategy

We tailor the control of your young pepper plants in cultivation compartments at variety level. With their own lighting hours, temperature regime with hoistable heating frames and irrigation strategy.

Modern and hygienic cultivation

Our modern growing conditions and a strict hygiene protocol ensure a healthy start of your pepper cultivation.

Pot size and pot type

There is a lot of choice in types of growing blocks. Both in size and type. We are happy to advise you which type of pot is best suited to your desired pepper plants.

Impression of pepper plants at Hollandplant

Hollandplant specialists

“We love to help you create the perfect young vegetable plants that will give you a headstart for your cultivation.”

Rob, Tibo & Alex, Hollandplant

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