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Cultivating your young cucumber plants

The cultivation of young cucumber plants takes place year-round in the glasshouses of Hollandplant in and around Bergschenhoek. The plant requirements and types of cucumber plants vary per growing season. The correct combination of substrate block or mat is essential to achieve optimal results. All our cultivated cucumber plants have a strong generative character while maintaining growth speed. This results in a fast first production process in the first cultivation phase and high overall production.

Raising tailor-made young plants

Before starting the cultivation process, we take all your requirements on cultivation, illumination, type of block, variety and type of transport into consideration.

Strict hygiene protocol

When cultivating young fruiting vegetables, we work with strict hygiene rules in regard to cultivation, staff, trays and trucks.

Growth progress updates

We will keep you informed of the growth during the cultivation process. You will receive a picture of your plants regularly, so you know exactly how the growth is progressing.

Growing strategy

Growing strategy for cucumber plants

Variety and cultivation methods require another cultivation and irrigation strategy. For cucumber, we offer specific products that are adapted to the choice of variety and cultivation method. We deliver cucumber ‘regular’ or topped.

For transport, you can choose from flat in boxes or standing on trays.

Hoistable heating frames and lighting for cucumber plants

Our vision on the use of water, lighting, energy and plant protection products sets us apart.

Energy comes from our own geothermal source. To influence the growth of the young cucumber plants, we use special hoistable heating frames. We use the heating as efficiently as possible while making sure the heat is delivered at the right place.

The right lighting is also important. We grow cucumber plants under 7000 – 8000 lux.

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Whatever cucumber variety you choose, our expert cultivation team will raise your starting crop to your perfect plant structure. With a uniform growth habit. That is our guarantee.

Cultivating strategy

We tailor the control of your young cucumber plants in cultivation compartments at variety level. With their own lighting hours, temperature regime with hoistable heating frames and irrigation.

Modern and hygienic cultivation

Our modern growing conditions and a strict hygiene protocol ensure a healthy start of your cucumber cultivation.

Pot size and pot type

There is a lot of choice in types of growing blocks, both in size and type. We are happy to advise you which type of pot is best suited to your desired cucumber plants.

Impression of cucumber plants at Hollandplant

Hollandplant specialists

“We love to help you create the perfect young vegetable plants that will give you a headstart for your cultivation.”

Rob, Tibo & Alex, Hollandplant

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