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Your growing partner for young grafted, or grafted and topped aubergine plants

Cultivating young aubergine plants

Topped aubergine plants are the latest popular young fruiting vegetable plants of Hollandplant.

Cropping quickly

Topped aubergines will crop quickly because of their generative form. Two heart fruits develop simultaneously. The second node contains four aubergines.

Less labour-intensive

When tips are removed, the plant will divide at a low level. The plant will be open, so less foliage will need to be taken off from the head as well. Advantages when it comes to labour.

Uniform crops

The crop of topped aubergine plants looks noticeably uniform. The stalks and the height look like the plants have been sheared.


Late planting date or illuminated cultivation

Aubergine growers with a late planting date, or illuminated cultivation benefit from topped aubergine plants. With this generative plant, they can anticipate to the rapidly increasing amount of light in early spring.

Growing strategy for aubergine plants

We deliver aubergines, grafted, or grafted and topped.
The choice is yours.

We are specialised in the field of grafting. Our expert graft team ensures the right vegetative propagation onto a strong rootstock. We check quality and hygiene during the grafting process in order for you to receive a top product in the end.


Aubergine ras

Whichever aubergine variety you choose. Our expert cultivation team will grow your starting crop towards your ideal plant structure. With a uniform growth habit. We give you rhis guarantee!

Teelt strategie

In cultivation compartments, we manage your young aubergine plants according to climate and size at variety level. With its own exposure hours, temperature regime and watering.

Moderne, hygiënische teelt

Whether you choose for grafted, or grafted and topped aubergines. Our modern growing conditions and a strict hygiene protocol ensure a healthy start to your cultivation.

Potmaat en pottype

There is a lot of choice in types of propagation blocks. In size, but also in type. We are happy to advise you which type of pot best suits your desired aubergine plants.

Impression of aubergine plants at Hollandplant

Hollandplant specialists

“We love to help you create the perfect young vegetable plants that will give you a headstart for your cultivation.”

Rob, Tibo & Alex, Hollandplant

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