Sterling Suffolk and Hollandplant

The first tomato plants that had been cultivated at Hollandplant were planted in the new, semi-closed greenhouse of Sterling Suffolk just before Christmas and we harvested the first vines this week. The 5.6 hectares cultivation plant is the first semi-closed greenhouse in the United Kingdom. The project will be extended to 17 hectares in the next few years.

Tomato plants planted before Christmas

“It was a busy period’, director Richard Lewis says. ‘We wanted to have the plants in the greenhouses before Christmas. You know how projects like this turn out – in the end, there are always things you have to complete. The climate computer was installed, the irrigation system and electric connections were completed before Christmas and Holland Plant delivered the plants. I was very satisfied with the plants – the quality is excellent. They were slightly larger than we expected, but they arrived in very good condition. We placed them on the grow bags within two hours and started to prune them because they were approximately 55 cm tall. Now, the circle is round.”

Smaller vine tomatoes with a lot of flavour

We grow several smaller vine tomatoes in the greenhouses: cherry tomatoes, cocktail and baby plum tomatoes. ‘We have chosen these varieties because the products are high in flavour and we are targeting the local market. We want to offer them a premium product of high quality.’

Lewis plants the first tomato plants himself. The plants grow steadily under the pink LED lighting.

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