Hollandplant and Tomeco tomatoes

John Vermeiren van Tomeco tomaten

VW Tuinderijen

John Vermeieren and Lia Wouters are owners of VW Tuinderijen in the Dutch town of Loenhout. They have been growing tomatoes for more than 30 years. The company grew from 7,000 m2 to several dozens of hectares on four different locations in Belgium and three in America. Together with the colleagues Tom Lefevre and Dirk van den Plas, they have been running Hortipower in the Belgium town of Merksplas from 2008. Their sun Mitch has joined the company since 2017 and takes on the daily management at VW Maxburg and Meer Fresh Products. ‘In cooperation with the other Tomeco growers , they produce year-round specialty tomatoes. Because we illuminate the most part of the acreage, we plant our crops throughout the year in order to be able to serve our customers all year-round. We are particularly specialised in plum tomatoes in all colours, shapes and flavours; the San Marzano and the vine cherry plum tomato are the most prominent here. We also grow Coeur de Boeuf, meat tomatoes and middle vine tomatoes.’

John Vermeiren of Tomeco tomaten

‘Discussion and consultation about the desired plant type are important. At Hollandplant, they make the difference. They put down the basis for good cultivation.’

John works with Hollandplant since 1996 and is very satisfied: ‘Hollandplant is a reliable trading partner that delivers uniform and healthy lots of young tomato plants. Timing is important for me. Sowing and delivery dates must be right. I attended several study visits and they were very interesting.’

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