Potted plants and house plants

Ornamental plants for the living room, lobby or office

Potted plants and house plants

We have a huge assortment of pot, house and garden plants. We grow large quantities of potted plants on our modern potted plant nursery. The assortment consists of a selection that is presented in a contemporary way.

Potted plant nursery

We are specialists in the cultivation of house and potted plants. We join volumes. In this way, we meet all your requirements efficiently.

Large-scale actions

We take care of large-scale actions for retailers, chains of garden centres, DIY-markets or specialist wholesalers.

Care up to the shop floor

Giving the customer peace of mind is our strength. We deliver a variety of added-value all the way until the plants reach the shop floor.

Potted plants assortment

Our potted plants feature in living rooms, lobbies and offices throughout Europe

The potted plant assortment of Hollandplant includes, amongst others: alocasia, dracaena, ficus (several varieties), hibiscus, palms, schefflera, yucca, etc.

Extra services

Wholesalers and retail formulas

Order beautiful potted plants for your wholesale company, DIY-stores or supermarkets. Throughout Europe.

Biological pesticides

We use biological pesticides, such as the natural enemy of diseases and pests, to grow healthy potted plants.


Did you know that our house plants not only add atmosphere and oxygen but also have an air-purifying effect? That means a cleaner and fresher air in the home. These natural air-purifiers are perfect plants for offices, but can also be enjoyed in living rooms or bedrooms.

Potted plants specialists

strong potted & house plants

attractive presentation

wide assortment

Impression potted plants at Hollandplant

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“What ornamental plants do you require? It is our pleasure to help you to grow your ornamental plants.”

Ingmar en Peter, Hollandplant

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