Bedding plants
jouw kwekerij voor een ruim assortiment zomerbloeiers

Bedding plants

We deliver bedding plants and strawberry plants each year to large parties, mainly wholesalers, supermarkets and DIY-stores. Bedding plants are available in several varieties, colours and pot sizes.

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Bedding plant Nursery

Purchasing large lots

Are you looking for large lots of bedding plants, garden plants or strawberry plants, at Hollandplant, you are at the right place.

Colourful choice

Annuals are available in numerous colours. Would you like a mix of several colours or do you stick with one colour? It is possible to order mixed trollies.

Flexible deliveries

We deliver the bedding plants at a time that is convenient for you. In carrying trays of your choice. Including your marketing material.

Bedding plant assortment

Our bedding plants feature in many window sills, gardens and balconies.

The assortment of annuals at Hollandplant
include: strawberry plants, astrericus, bacopa, bidens, brachyscome, calibrachoa, canna, dahlia, dianthus, pelagonium grandiflorum, , fuchsia, geranium, gloxinia, hydrangea, impatiens, lobelia, ox-eye daisy, petunia, plectrantus, scaevola, stem fuchsia, verbena, etc.


Colourful annuals and flavourful strawberries

We grow the most beautiful summer-flowering plants and strawberries from seed or cutting at Hollandplant. Your bedding plants will grow under optimal conditions in our greenhouse so the striking plants will easily find their way to the consumer's balcony or patio. We also have an outdoor area where we harden off the bedding plants.

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mixed trollies

long and exuberant flowers

wide assortment

Impression of bedding plants at Hollandplant

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