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Hydrangeas, who is not familiar with them? This garden plant features in many gardens and window sills. Consumers appreciate the beautiful clusters of flowers and their reliable growth.

Hollandplant hydrangea nursery

Hydrangea nursery

Specialist Hydrangea nursery

Hollandplant produces large-scale, uniform lots of Hydrangeas. We grow several types of Hydrangeas under glass.

High ornamental value

Hydrangeas are valued because of their ornamental value and long-lasting flowers. Besides roses, Hydrangeas are the shrubs which have the longest flowering period.

Flexible deliveries

We deliver Hydrangeas in spring and summer. In each desired packaging. At the time that is convenient for you.

Hydrangea assortment

Hollandplant cultivates a wide assortment of Hydrangeas.

From a rooted cutting up to a flowering potted plant.
In several varieties and sizes. As shrubs or pyramid shape.
Everything is possible.


Our method

Our hydrangea cuttings are all produced in the Netherlands at recognized suppliers.

For a hydrangea it takes 1.5 to 2 years to grow from a cutting to a plant of the right size and in bloom.

Hollandplant is the only grower that makes Hydrangea pyramid. With this we make a unique product.

Impression Hydrangeas at Hollandplant

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