Pelargonium grandiflorum
Your nursery for colourful large flower Pelargoniums

Large flower Pelargoniums - Pelargonium Grandiflorum

We would like to introduce you to the grand lady of Hollandplant: the French geranium, also known as pelargonium grandiflorum. This exuberant summer-flowering bedding plant flourishes abundantly, both indoors as a house plant or outdoors in flower boxes.

Large flower Pelargoniums

Growing your large flower Pelargoniums

Hollandplant is specialised in growing large flower pelargonium. We make sure that the starting crop gets a perfect headstart. We force the young plants from rooted cuttings or half-growth within a couple of weeks. We deliver thousands of large flower Pelargoniums in spring and summer. All as first-class quality products.

From cultivation
to sales

From potting to sales. All cultivation measures such as choosing the right substrate, fertilising, temperature and slowing down are carried out meticulously. But cultivation procedures such as lighting and air humidity also play an important role in the cultivation of pelargonium.

Profusely flowering ornamental plants

Large flower Pelargoniums are multicoloured and versatile ornamental plants. They flower profusely from April, May onwards. They are not called 'grandiflorum’ for nothing, due to the large clusters of flowers. At Hollandplant, we proudly raise this grand lady for our customers.

Pelargonium assortment

Hollandplant cultivates a wide assortment of geraniums.

We grow large flower pelargonium under optimal
conditions under glass, so they can easily transfer to
room, balcony or patio.

These ornamental summer-flowering plants find their way
to consumers throughout Europe via retail and DIY-stores.

Are you searching for a plant nursery that can
grow your ornamental plants in the way you want them to grow?
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Large flower Pelargoniums

Our approach

The production of the large flower pelargonium cuttings takes place in Kenya and Tanzania. This is where our suppliers grow the parent plants. They pick and dispatch the cuttings to our rooting locations in Bergschenhoek through just in time deliveries.


All large flower pelargonium plants will be transferred to an unheated greenhouse to promote flowering. In this way, the lots will flower beautifully and simultaneously.

Impression large flower pelargoniums at Hollandplant

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