Plant Nursery Hollandplant

Hollandplant cultivates young fruiting vegetables and ornamental plants. Professional vegetable growers from all over Europe buy their starting materials from us for cultivating their warm-season fruiting vegetables, such as aubergines, courgettes, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. We offer large lots of bedding plants and potted plants to European chain stores during the summer months.

Young plants for
vegetable growers

Let us raise your young, warm-season fruiting vegetables. We are specialised in tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines.

Ornamental plants
for retail stores

Supermarkets, DIY-stores, garden centres and freight forwarders that want us to grow large batches of uniform ornamental products.

Vacancies for people with green fingers

Are you searching for work in greenhouse horticulture? Hollandplant continues to grow. We are searching for new colleagues for our nurseries. We also seek interns.

Our people

Gaining a Headstart

We have been raising young plants our way for more than 35 years. What sets us apart in our approach are our people, our nurseries and our cooperation with you. You will find our greenhouses in and around the Dutch town of Bergschenhoek. Our motto is ‘gaining a headstart’. To achieve this, we give each customer a dedicated section, where their plants can grow under optimal conditions. You will receive plants that are ready for further growth. Our speciality is your headstart.

Our customers’ stories on the cultivation of vegetables

Tomato Masters

Tomeco Tomatos

Den Overkant

Sterlin Suffolk

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