About Hollandplant

What started as a family business has grown into a leading international company in the cultivation of young plants.

Professional vegetable growers from all over Europe purchase their starting materials from us. We deliver large batches of ornamental plants to large European retailers in the summer season. We have been doing so our way for more than 30 years.

Our people and modern greenhouses are located in Bergschenhoek in the Netherlands are distinctive for our quality, service and approach. Every customer has its own department in the greenhouse where plants can grow optimally.

Are you searching for a professional plant nursery that will raise the young tomato, cucumber, aubergine, pepper or courgette plants that you require? Or grows large lots of ornamental plants? We are happy to help you. So our expertise will become your headstart.

Why Hollandplant?

Working together at top quality

We want to deliver top-quality plants to our customers. We do so with a permanent team of motivated staff, and we employ temporary assistance if necessary. Their knowledge and skill, and close cooperation with the customer are essential when making a top product. We therefore have a lot of personal contact.

Your plants in their own dedicated section

We grow plants in their own sections. That is where we can give the young plants everything they need. Dedicated irrigation. Dedicated fertilising. Dedicated heat. Dedicated lighting. Each plant will get the optimal start, which offers a headstart for further growth and flourishing.

Your sustainable cultivation for a better environment

We want to minimise the impact of our company on the environment as much as possible. We aim to implement the procedures as efficiently as possible and reduce the use of sustainable raw materials wherever possible. We use a geothermal source for the heating of our greenhouses and our production is CO₂ neutral. We also have an MPS certificate.

Follow your flower or plant

With verifiable, transparent MPS certification, Hollandplant contributes to making the horticultural chain more sustainable. Consumers can see whether their plant comes from us.

GGN Certified Floriculture

Hollandplant is GGN certified. An internationally recognised standard for agricultural companies and growers ensuring safe and sustainable agricultural production for the benefit of growers, retailers and consumers.

Learning and working

Hollandplant trains professionals and has been certified by the Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and Labour Market (SBB).

Our history

What started as a family business has grown internationally into a leading company in the cultivation of young plants.

What P. van der Klugt started as a family business in 1953 has grown into one of the most prominent young plant companies for fruiting vegetables and ornamental plants. A.C.H. van der Klugt is at the helm now. Hollandplant has been expanded significantly throughout the years. Several producing locations have been built, existing locations were automated and our company now counts 26 hectares.

At the office in Bergschenhoek, several departments work together to deliver the best plants from seed to finished product and deliver them to our customers. Planning, Sales and Transport coordinate this cooperation, so everything runs smoothly and efficiently. There is a manager for each location.

Our customers are throughout Europe. With a strong presence in England and Belgium, but also in Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and Ireland, Hollandplant has an important share in the European market.

Are you our new colleague?

Will your bike be listed here? We are growing rapidly and are constantly looking for new team members and young talents who want to do a (graduation) internship with us. Do you want to grow with us?

Impression of Hollandplant